Handcrafted Concrete Pavers


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Pavers for every purpose from new construction and remodels to driveways.

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Our handcrafted concrete pavers replicate the look, texture and beauty of Old World stone, but they're more affordable. Even our large-format 3' x 3' pavers are available at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. And they offer other advantages. They're eco-friendly, come in a variety of sizes and are available in four natural colors as well as custom colors. So choose Peacock Pavers for your next project, indoors or out. You'll enjoy the beautiful look of natural stone at a much more beautiful price.


Peacock Pavers offer far more design versatility than natural stone. Available in buff, champagne, rice white, dolphin grey and custom colors, they can be installed in regular or random patterns and in custom geometric patterns. They come in a variety of sizes, creating even more exciting design possibilities.

  • Pavers for new construction—1" and 1 34" thick, 8 sizes up to 3' x 3'
  • Remodeling pavers58" thick, 8 sizes
  • Driveway pavers—3" thick, 3 sizes up to 12 18" x 12 18"
  • Trim pieces—Coping, bullnose, stair treads, base molding, wall caps and thresholds

  • Handcrafted

    Each Peacock Paver is handcrafted by a skilled artisan. In addition, a special rendering process infuses each paver with subtleties of texture and color that evoke the look of ancient crosscut stone. This means that, just as with natural stone, each piece has its own unique characteristics of hue and texture and varies slightly from the others in the same color group.

    New Construction

    Our 1" and 1 34" thick concrete pavers bring stone-like beauty to interiors and exteriors.

    Great for Landscaping

    Remodeling Pavers

    Add new beauty to interior floors and more with our 58" thick stone-like pavers.

    Hue and surface
    texture will vary from
    1" & 1 34" due to density
    of the 58" thick paver.

    Driveway Pavers

    Our 3" thick, interlocking concrete driveway pavers look like cobblestone!

    Great for Landscaping

    Trim Pieces

    Add those finishing touches with matching molding, coping, bullnose and more.

    Available Colors Buff Champagne Rice White Dolphin Grey


    As beautiful as natural stone!

    • Buff
    • Champagne
    • Dolphin Grey
    • Rice White
    • Custom colors also available
    To prevent harm to the finish, Peacock Pavers should never be acid-washed except with products recommended by Peacock Pavers. The pavers should never be pressure-washed. For information on cleaning and sealing for your particular application, please call us at 251.368.2072.

    Please note that texture and color variations are natural characteristics of our handcrafted pavers. Single samples are REPRESENTATIVE of the color and texture but do not assure IDENTICAL hue or texture in all pavers.

    Exterior applications can be affected by weather conditions.

    Check specifications for unique applications.

    There are no warranties except as expressly stated on the face thereof. All implied warranties of merchantability or fitness are hereby expressly excluded.

    Due to variations in individual computer monitors, colors seen on this site may not accurately reflect Peacock Paver colors. To confirm your color choice, please order our sample kit.